Income & Growth Portfolio

The Income & Growth portfolio is designed and managed to maintain a high current yield and increased income over time, while achieving a moderate amount of capital appreciation. The distinguishing feature of this portfolio is its ability to provide consistently high levels of current income, comprised of interest and dividends paid to investors regardless of market conditions. The Income & Growth portfolio invests in equity securities selected for the prospect of moderate growth of corporate earnings and higher-than-market dividend, comprised of both common and preferred stocks. This portfolio offers investors both an attractive level of current income, and the opportunity for increasing future income through capital appreciation. It can also be managed in a tax-efficient manner for taxable accounts.

Inflation-Protection Portfolio

The Inflation-Protection portfolio seeks to preserve an account’s value while increasing its long-term purchasing power through strategic investments in a broad array of different asset classes, regardless of current or future market conditions. This portfolio does not try to out-guess the markets or forecast future economic events but commits a fixed percentage of its assets to six carefully chosen diverse and “lowly correlated” investment classes. Such diversification seeks to provide balance, liquidity and profit potential combined with the additional benefits of international diversification. The six investment categories for the Inflation-Protection portfolio include: precious metal, foreign currency, natural resources, growth stocks, real estate, and fixed income.

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