As our lives progress, we have many questions.

  • How should I save and invest for retirement?
  • How much money am I going to need to retire?
  • Can I save for retirement and still send my kids or grandkids to college?
  • Now that I am retired, how do I avoid running out of money and from which account should I draw to cover my current living expenses?
  • How should I gift to my children and grandchildren before I die?
  • Do I have a solid estate plan in place?


Successful retirement planning is just one piece of a comprehensive financial planning process. No matter your age or stage of life it’s time to start planning for retirement. Securing a comfortable retirement is more than just rolling over a 401(k) and investing in a mutual fund. It’s about making your dreams possible for your next stage of life.

In our increasingly complex world, if you are struggling with questions regarding your current or future financial situation you are not alone.

At Kendall Capital, we believe a comprehensive approach to financial planning is critical to helping you maximize your assets. So we strive to incorporate all aspects of your financial situation – income needs, liquidity, taxes, life expectancy, debt, retirement goals, risk-tolerance and more – into a customized plan with the appropriate asset allocation for your needs. Whatever your goals and objectives effective, ongoing strategies are impossible to create without this degree of detail and regular follow-up. It requires a personal, continuing relationship with an experienced and knowledgeable financial adviser.