Our Fee-Only Financial Advisor and Wealth Management Firm is Unique

We are different from many other financial planning and investment management firms. For one thing, we work with people who have managed to accrue over $500,000 or more in assets, including investment and retirement accounts. That’s probably YOU.

We are also different in that we are a fee-only financial adviser firm. You pay for our expert knowledge and wealth management services―and we don’t receive commissions from anyone for recommending a certain stock or mutual fund. Read on to learn more about how we work.


By working with a fee-only firm like Kendall Capital, you can be confident that our financial planning and investment recommendations are given solely in your best interest.

Kendall Capital is a member of NAPFA and fee-only firm, which means the fees we charge you for financial planning and investment management are our only compensation. We do not receive any form of payment for recommending a particular stock, bond or mutual fund―no transaction fees, no commissions, no bonuses, no perks and non-cash gifts of any kind. No conflict of interest. Our only interests are directly aligned with yours.


In the financial services industry, there are people who sell products and people who sell knowledge. There are people who look out for their commissions and people who look out for you. As fiduciaries, we are different.

Only fiduciary advisers like Kendall Capital provide recommendations for your individual situation without any influence from outside interests.

Fiduciaries are held to a higher standard by regulators. Unlike many advisers who need only demonstrate that their recommendations are “suitable” for your situation, fiduciary recommendations must be more than reasonable―they must be in your best interest. At Kendall Capital, we work for you. Your interest. Your goals. Your well-being.