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  • April 06, 2017

    Is It Time to Retire Your Thrift Savings Plan?

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  • March 24, 2017

    The Concentrated Stock Market

    Clark shares his thoughts on investing in the current concentrated stock market.
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  • March 21, 2017

    Tips for Rollovers and Withdrawals from Employer Retirement Plans and IRAs

    Have you recently changed jobs or retired?  Not sure what to do with your retirement savings plan?  If so, we suggest completing either a direct transfer to your new job’s retirement plan or requesting an IRA rollover – a common and useful financial move – so you don’t leave your ...
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  • March 16, 2017

    The Fed Rate Hike

    The U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s Open Market Committee just raised the Fed Funds rate from 0.75% to 1.00%—the second rate hike in three months. These recent increases to the federal interest rate may be causing you to ask what you should do with your investment portfolio in light of this ...
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  • February 23, 2017

    Greece Returns to the Headlines

    The nation of Greece, once the subject of almost daily speculation about the viability of its government bonds, has pulled its economy out of a disaster into a muddle.  No doubt, it grew tiresome hearing about Grexit scenarios, and the numerous times when the European Central Bank and the European ...
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  • February 17, 2017

    The Effects of a Strong Dollar

    The Effects of a Strong Dollar
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  • February 15, 2017

    Active & Passive Investment Management

    Investment management can be active or passive. Sometimes, that simple, fundamental choice can make a difference in portfolio performance. Both approaches have merit, and all investors should understand their principles. How does passive asset management work? A passive asset management strategy employs investment vehicles mirroring market benchmarks. In their composition, these ...
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  • February 09, 2017

    Kendall Capital’s 2017 Financial To-Do List

    Now is a good time to think about the investing, saving, or budgeting methods you could employ toward specific objectives. What financial, business, or life priorities do you need to address for 2017? We provide our list of a few “To-Dos” for the year that might prove useful: Can you contribute ...
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  • February 01, 2017

    Protecting Your Aging Parents from Financial Threats

    People reach their peak decision-making abilities sometime in their 50s, and then decline slowly until after age 70 when the decline starts to take off more dramatically. The steady decline of reasoning helps explain why sweepstakes frauds, Nigerian investment schemes and other scams target seniors and retirees. What can you do ...
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  • January 23, 2017

    2017 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

    Each October, the Internal Revenue Service announces changes to annual contribution limits for IRAs and workplace retirement plans. Are any of these limits rising for 2017? Will IRA contribution limits go up? Unfortunately, no.  Annual contributions for Roth and traditional IRAs remain capped at $5,500 for 2017, with an additional $1,000 ...
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